Introduction to container

Start here if this is your first time using container. This vignette describes when and when not to use container, and gives a brief introduction on basic container operations.

Container operations for robust code

Use this vignette if you want to see how container operations can be used to make it safer and easier to work with list-like data structures. It describes the different methods to add, extract, replace, and remove elements and their nuances.

Manage parameter lists with dict

The original motivation for the development of this package was that the author found himself writing countless checks and helper code over and over again when managing parameter lists. This vignette describes how to use the dictionary to manage parameter lists safely and with ease.

Manage data columns with dict.table

The dict.table as a mix of data.table and Dict extends the data.table by functions to enhance data column management. This vignette compares basic dplyr and dict.table data column operations and shows how both frameworks can be easily combined.

Deque, Set, and Dict

Presents the specialized data structures Deque, Set, and Dict.

Reference semantics

Gives a brief overview about the reference semantic functionality provided by the container package.